Taurean man and libra woman compatibility

Every star sign has a ruling planet, but some of them share the same one, as is the case here — both Libra and Taurus partners are ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is the planet of art, love, romance, compassion, kindness and aesthetics. Yet both Taurus and Libra in love express these energies in much different ways to one another. For instance, Libra is a star sign symbolised by a pair of scales — the only zodiac sign in astrology not represented by a living being.

To help them out in this spiritual journey, Libra people have plenty of blessings from the stars on their side. Again, all in the pursuit of balance and peace.

Your Match: Taurus Man and Libra Woman Love Compatibility

Taurus sometimes comes across more aggressive than they are to amateur astrologers, because their symbolic animal is the mighty bull. Taurus people are friendly, with a somewhat wicked sense of humour and a keen interest in romance. They are of like mind with Libra in believing that everybody should get along, but Taurus is also more self-motivated than Libra is, and this creates some of the disparate aspects of their relationship.

Two fun-loving keepers of the peace get together when the Libra woman and Taurus man date, although it should be kept in mind that their individual rhythm and tempo might not always align. She always feels listless without a partner, and certainly has no difficulty attracting male attention, thanks to her good looks and sharp mind. The Taurus man is an individual who is all about taking his time.

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The Taurus man is prone to bouts of lazing around, but is also often pretty accomplished an earner too. Although she prioritises love, the Libra woman is of no mind to let her romantic life unbalance the nuances of other areas of life that also need her attention. Yet she moves fast as ideas take her, and it can be a little jarring how swiftly and effortlessly she untangles herself from the depths of the relationship to dart about.

As time goes on, the Libra woman might find that the comparatively sluggish way the Taurus man goes about things is difficult to appreciate. The Libra woman likes to have the freedom to do things in the moment, yet might find the Taurus man more difficult to motivate into swift action.

However, she also has the problem of indecisiveness to deal with, and simply freezes up if confronted with the need to make a snap decision. The modern way dating is handled, all apps and hookup culture, does nothing for him. He may just have found the kind of lover he needs to make that dream happen in the Taurus woman, at least at first. The Libra man tends to put the needs of others before himself to excess, so fixated is he in making sure everyone around him is okay. However, she also has a healthy level of self-love too — in other words, she can be a touch indulgent.

The Libra man might occasionally get frustrated at how much the Taurus woman likes to laze about, but to her, rest and relaxation is extremely important. The fact that Taurus people tend to have such laid-back attitudes is surely interrelated with how important they know taking time out for themselves can be. The Libra man can get frazzled by the demands of his lifestyle from time to time, especially when faced with indecision.

She hates arguments and fights, and is always ready to compromise. Due to her sense of fairness, she has the ability to look at the bright side of a relationship, while ignoring all the negative ones. These characteristics, however, can prove to be detrimental sometimes, because if she ever finds herself in a bad relationship, she will keep on compromising and trying to work things out, long after the relationship has actually ended.

Taurus Man. A Taurean male is very conservative. He is traditional, loyal, believes in family values, and remains committed, once married. He is what we call "Mr. Give him any kind of work, and then forget about it. He will see to it that it is completed on time and that too in the best possible manner.


He seeks stability in his life and relationships. In love, he can be very sentimental and emotional. On the flip side, he can be very possessive of his things as well as people close to him. One negative trait is that he is very set in his routines, behavior, and mind.

Libra Woman & Taurus Man ( Love♥Compatibility) ~Fairytale or Nightmare~

He can be extremely stubborn, and there is no way anyone can make him change his mind. Also, he needs to feel secure all the time and due to this, he can sometimes be very thrifty. Love Match.

A Libra woman looks for a partner who is well-groomed, sophisticated, and attractive. She wants someone who would not only like her, but her friends too. When it comes to choosing a man for herself, she takes the opinion of her friends very seriously. The one thing that acts as a glue in this relationship is their love for luxury and beauty. Both will enjoy fine dining, going to upmarket places together, and being a part of the "IT" league. They are romantic, loyal, and committed in relationships.

Since they share these values, they are much more likely to make things work rather than giving up on their relationship, if things ever go wrong.


Libra woman dating a taurus man

The female enjoys attention from the opposite sex, and that's why can act very flirtatious at times. This, however, the guy may not be able to take well, as he always thinks of his lady as his "possession". This coupled with his tendency to be jealous can lead to some unfortunate situations, especially early on in the relationship.

Unlike the female, the Taurean man does not enjoy socializing much. He prefers the warmth, coziness, and familiarity of his house over being with unknown people at parties or clubs. Stubborn Taurus man will certainly be interested in a woman-Libra. Not a simple couple, so different in their outlook on life, and on ideas about the relationship between a man and a woman. The Taurus man is active, the master of life, with unbending will, confidence in his undeniable right.

Libra woman is a kind soul, pleasant appearance. She is sociable, interesting, knows how to let herself assume importance, play a little for the audience. The Taurus man in his statements is honest, says what he thinks, regardless of tact. Actions and thoughts of Taurus, a Libra woman understand, it clearly calculates everything.

A scrupulous woman, Libra, before a global solution to problems or changes, for example, marriage, will lead everyone to an unrestrained eloquence, the discussion of the issue for her is sometimes more important than the final result. A Taurus man is thoughtful, does not endure his thoughts, doubts, tries to solve everything around him. Responsible Taurus does not always see in his wife Libra practical and sensible woman. Emotional girl is confused by the cold-bloodedness of Taurus. In the intimate sphere, they reach mutual pleasure. It is not uncommon, when the development of relations begins after a stormy night.

The woman of Libra is inclined to hesitate, to search for a way for a long time, sometimes just stalling. From despair and own uncertainty, it sometimes panics. If a Taurus man appears in the life of a Libra woman, she is lucky, a solid and reasonable partner is ready to put a "point" over the solution of her problems. In general, the compatibility of a man - Taurus and a woman - Libra is quite high. Despite some disagreements, they seldom bring the relationship to a break and avoid violent clarification of the relationship.

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Behind the "thick skin" of Taurus is hidden a receptive and vulnerable nature. In times of despondency and pessimism, falls in spirit. A radiant beauty, a Libra woman can easily derive from apathy, only with a kind word and a warm look.